In electing me as your County Commissioner, you have my commitment and dedication to ensure that the families, the fiscal responsibility and future of Kalamazoo County flourish. With a true love for the people of our county, I am determined to see families have access to needed resources, work to develop long term financial sustainability and a future that brings work-life balance.


One of my desired outcomes of serving as your County Commissioner is for your family and future generations to experience the many benefits that I have experienced while living here. The legacy we leave to our children and their children is vital, especially in the time we are living in. My personal value system supports the holistic health and well-being of our families which in turn impact our community. 

"I am running for County Commissioner because I deeply care about Kalamazoo; It's families, it's fiscal responsibility and it's future." - Valarie Cunningham 


Truly, I believe in our vibrant community, along with its potential for continual growth and progress. However, it is critical that growth is strategically planned and not at the cost of runaway spending. I believe we should be good stewards over government finances handling it with integrity and accountability with the right checks and balances in place.  With COVID-19, impacting our county and local businesses, it has and will have major financial recovery implications.  With running my own corporation for the past 17 years, I I have acquired expertise and experience which provides me with first- hand knowledge for making the difficult financial decisions necessary to ensure a future beyond the present crisis.



My myriad of experience, qualifications and values, serve as a foundation to the innovative lens coupled with a cultural and global perspective that is required for the success of our future community. My focus includes helping to improve the quality of life for all people within our community. The citizen of Kalamazoo County wants someone willing to work for them not just a political party.

With your participation we will continue to make Kalamazoo County an even better place to "live, work and play" for all. I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to serving as your County Commissioner.



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